Monday, April 22, 2013

home for 2 weeks and 2 days now!

well we have been home with rayden for 2 weeks and 2 days and he is still with us i am very thankful that i am able to spend a lot of time with him he is just so cute and both of my girls just love him. the hospice nurses come over every few days and they check on him they have told me the things to look out for so i will kind of know when the time is getting near but so far i have not seen the sighs thank goodness the only thing i have really noticed is that he gets irritable a lot easier now you can tell he is in pain and it breaks my heart we just take everything day by day and hope for as much time with him as we can get but also hope he does not have to suffer long, we love him so much it is getting harder and harder every day to imagine him not being her with me. i finally took him out of the house yesterday cause the girls really needed to get out so we  took them to the park and we went to wal mart grocery shopping he did well he just  slept the whole time. on that note i have hardly slept since he has been home i don't want to miss one little thing with him he is just so darn cute. he has had lots of visitors lately it is nice to see how many people care about him it is amazing how true the saying is that when something bad happens your true friends come out, thanks to everyone who has been here for us and supported us. and a big thank you to my neighbors jen and cam you guys rock they are always checking on me and making sure we are fed and have everything we need you guys are seriously such a big blessing also setting us up with the vault/kalamity dance group that has been doing a bunch of fundraiser events for us it has helped so much you guys have no clue how thankful we are to you all, and of course my whole family they rock. mt aunt came from California with my cousin it was awesome to see them i loved having them here. i know i have not been writing a lot but i really am just holding onto rayden every second that i can. love you all.

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